working environment design

How can I make commuting to my work comfortable?
BOXRAIL is a package for vehicle interior that allows passengers to remodel the handles and share the new experience with other passengers. Incorporating the behavior of people in the kitchen, I got some insights on making a comfortable public space.

Thanks to Pei Yi Cho

service flow

Video_Kei Ajima  Thanks to Danhong Huang, Momoru Watanabe and Shota Sugimoto

As a working prototype, I created eccentric handles bending a ladle of IKEA, hollowing out a secondhand book, and installed them on the Northern line at 9:00 pm. Someone who was curious about them took pictures on the camera and someone passed me their toy magic wand to hang it next to my handles.

Video_Saeko Higuchi    Thanks to Kei Ajima

In order to extract what is the element of comfort in a scene where people gather and work on something, I conducted ethnographic research while working creatively with utensils in the kitchen, and later video analysis. From that point on, I defined that a simple task consisted of repetition, that people were relieved to know the amount work left to do, and that involving people required call and response.
studio exhibition

Photo_Saeko Higuchi 

CONCEPT DESIGN/ EXPERIENCE DESIGN / VIDEO EDITING— Vision Project — 2016 @ Royal College of Art